Welcome to the Redacted Club

The Redacted Club is a collection of 1337 Redacted Rabbit NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Secret Network. Leveraging the Secret Network's "Private-by-default" smart contracts, Redacted Rabbits have a few unique characteristics that are distinct from NFTs on any other blockchain. Not only is your ownership of the NFT private, but you also get exclusive access to the private metadata store in each rabbit. Your Rabbit uses this metadata both as your membership card to the Redacted Club as well as your key to future secrets and mysteries that will be unveiled over time.

The Attack

‘Twas the night before Supernova, and all across the metaverse, Rabbits 🐇 waited in anticipation and glee. Jealous of the rabbits’ decentralized joy, the evil Meta Lizard King 🐉 launched an attack. Sadly, all but 1337 Rabbits were doxxed - these legendary 1337 survivors fled their homes to secure a future.

The Rabbithole

On their journey to safety, the Rabbits stumbled upon a magical rabbithole down which they stumbled. Venturing deeper down, they discovered a sanctuary - a wonderland of mystery and intrigue. To prevent such tragedy from ever happening again, the rabbits swore themselves to a life of secrecy and privacy - forming The Redacted Club, a truly secret society.

The Rebirth

Now protected under a veil of privacy, they emerged proudly from the rabbithole. The Redacted Rabbits united together to protect the metaverse under the new rallying cry: DOWN WITH THE LIZARD KING!

They created the first set of digital Anonymous Passports, granting membership to The Redacted Club and securing digital anonymity forever.

The Redacted Club 😎

The Redacted Club was founded under the following principles:

Roam the Metaverse without disclosing your pseudonymous identity. Protect and spread the virtues of decentralization and privacy, expanding private blockchains as a community.

Should you align with these virtues, mint a Redacted Rabbit to go down the Rabbithole, protect yourself from the Lizard King, and join the Redacted Club to uphold decentralization and privacy.

Each Rabbit has unique private metadata that serves as your key 🗝️ to a world of secrets and opportunity that will be revealed over time.

The Redacted Club © 2021